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Trevor Scherman farms between Battleford and Wilkie, Saskatchewan with his wife Michelle (the one who *really* makes it happen) and his children Levi and Hayley, who are also a significant part of the farm and the businesses.

Trevor’s motto has always been ‘work smarter, not harder’. He loves travelling to see how farming practices and technology differ from one region to another and how he can implement what others are doing into his own operations. 

The goal on the farm is to produce the highest rate of return from a small land base and he always integrates many facets of technology, agronomics, and business to reach that goal.

This mindset and innovative outlook have led him to found 2 innovative ag companies on top of growing his family farm. Trevor co-founded the ScherGain Solutions System with his father. This started out as another step in trying to maximize equipment and land efficiencies that turned into a business which is also how the idea for came about.



Megan Madden is the owner and primary consultant at Southpaw PR Inc., a strategic PR and communications firm. Raised on a large ranch and grain farm in Northern Saskatchewan, Megan Madden’s immersion in agriculture and food began early and has expanded exponentially since then, both through education and professional experience.

Her experience in agriculture and business alike have both taken her from start up to leadership in a diversity of ways. After completing her education, she won a rural entrepreneurship competition and launched her strategic communications consultancy through which she has worked with many organizations from strategic planning to communications implementation and management.

Megan lives the mountains with her favourite Australian Mitch and her 2 dogs where she spends her free time dirtbiking, mountain biking, restaurant and vineyard hopping, traveling the world, and launching new business ideas.



We are pretty sure it started with an ill-timed dirty joke that we both laughed at and the rest is business history. Megan and Trevor met in the corporate world, where it quickly became apparent, neither of them belonged.

That set off a decade or so of *ahem* creative business strategies, brainstorming, and eventually, the culmination of launching together. 

Stick around to see what’s next…

With the Development of Harvest loss systems we felt that many farmers just needed a starting point with combine settings to help manage their losses and increase efficiencies. We want to help create higher returns by creating a  community to discuss combine settings and drill it down by combine, crop, and area.

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